Third Sector Digital Maturity Matrix


The Third Sector Digital Maturity Matrix is a free tool developed by the Digital Team at Breast Cancer Care to assess the current maturity of a not-for-profit organisation’s digital capability, compared with its desired target state. Through a simple self-assessment, you can understand where your organisation needs to invest to reach digital excellence.

Read more about why we talk about digital maturity rather than digital transformation in this Medium post.

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At Breast Cancer Care we developed the Digital Maturity Matrix to:

  • Identify gaps in capability
  • Prioritise areas for development
  • Measure maturity over time to understand positive or negative change

After launching an ambitious digital strategy for 2016, we needed a means to measure the progress and overall success of its implementation. From this need came the development of our maturity matrix, tailored to the way digital maturity should look like in the third-sector.

The usefulness of the tool within our organisation exceeded expectations and we soon realised this was something that could benefit the third-sector as a whole. We decided to develop the tool into a web application and make it freely accessible to anyone. We hope it’s useful to you and your organisation.

We’d love to hear your feedback or questions. Please contact Feel free to submit any feature requests to github.

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We have benchmarked the responses so far to give an overview of how the sector is moving towards digital maturity, you can read the report here.

Open source

The application is open source and built using Ruby on Rails. Feel free to submit any feature requests to github, although we make this all in our own time so can't promise to be super agile on it.


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